What is a TV stand ?

Living room furniture

The tv stand is one of basics living room furnitures with table, couch, armchair... It serves as a support of your tv but it has a lot of other utilities : it can serve as dvd, video games and magazzine storage, as support for vases, plants, family pictures of other decorative objects. It will also contain all tv periphherics as TV box, hi-fi system, Dvd player, cables and other. Choosing it well is important because of the long time you will use it. Shabbyc chic tv unit, Scandinavian tv unit, Retro tv unit, it depends only on you to choose you favorite.

TV stand, more than a furniture

The main utility of a tv stand is to support TV and other multimedia device like Hi-fi system, video game console, books, dvd or simply decorative objects.Its height is really important because it needs to be in tune with height of couch and will determine if you need a high or low tv unit Beyond that, TV stand is a personnal decorative element in its own right. Like a dresser, a painting or a flower vase, it participate in creating the atmosphere of a home.

How to choose a TV stand

Characteristics of a TV stand can be divided in two parts. First there is practicality of the stand. It is important to know its width and height to check if it is not too big for your living room, to think about the use you will make on it and look at the number of drawers and shelves... Then there is the physical and decorative aspect. The lovers of vintage will be able to turn on retro tv stand or vintage while those of raw materials will choose wood and metal tv stand.